APE.Robotics HQ v2.0

In the first part of this season we were situated in DevanaLabs premises. This was a very important part of the cycle as we had lots of planning, designing and learning to do in order to make great robots for the competition. It was when we were without a home, so to speak, that DevanaLabs was kind enough to let us use their offices and for that we cannot be more thankful. They enabled us to bring up new mobile platforms for our robots so now we have new and improved robots moving around. We improved our team organization, designed some of the prototypes for the mechanisms and talked a lot about the overall game strategy. But now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start rapidly making and improving the prototypes. When we look at the previous season, this part of the process will make us work over night and will get us louder than we usually are (be it because of the tools or because of the shouting due to sleep deprivation 🙂 ). To compensate for this, we decided to change our location to a place where we won’t bother anyone.

APE.Robotics HQ v2.0 is located in the StartIt offices. They are a group of enthusiasts who strive towards creating a start-up community in Serbia. If you check out their website and blog, you’ll see that they’re not only trying but are pretty much succeeding! Recently, they successfully raised a KickStarter project dedicated to converting an abandoned old building into a start-up center! We already had a contact with StartIt, when they were kind enough to help us spread the word about MeetTheRobots event on their blog.

We think we’ll get along pretty well and are excited to meet everyone and work closely together. We already moved our stuff so it’s official. APE.Robotics has a new HQ! 🙂

Stay tuned.



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