A stork flew past our chimney!

Whether it be luck or our work is slowly but steadily paying off we can’t be sure. But something awesome happened last Tuesday. A stork flew past our chimney, but it didn’t deliver us a baby – it delivered us a small robot! 🙂

A platform for the small robot for the upcoming competition is now fully functional! There are still some minor fixes pending but it can already move around and is showing much more potential than the one we made last year. The new version of software is still in the development so the platform still can’t show its full power, but even with the code from the last year it’s working very nicely! While the ideas and prototypes for the mechanisms to be used have been in the process of design and production, the parts for the big robot’s platform have arived. This means that in a couple of days we’ll most likely have the big robot moving around as well!

With a timeline like this, this year we’ll have a lot more time to use creatively and develop precise and practical mechanisms. A bit of luck, a bit of work and lots of testing will hopefully be enough for our robots to accomplish the given tasks and earn some good score!

Stay tuned as the robots have started moving so we’ll have plenty of fun and interesting things to share! 🙂



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