A very mechanical engineering week!

We always like to get the development of mechanical parts out of the way as soon as possible. Fortunately this year it all went very smoothly! Our friends from Valmex were kind enough to donate us a ton of aluminum plates that we use for creating bases for our robots. After our guys from mechanical engineering team drew the shapes of the bases, our old friends from Limar that keep supporting us from year to year cut the aluminum for us using waterjet and provided us with almost fully ready robot bases!

What remains is for certain components to be manufactured and printed that are used for holding the motors, the wheels, balancing pivot wheels etc. Folks from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Belgrade are helping us develop parts that need precise processing while folks from SZR Bosna are manufacturing the tires for our little robot!

The big robot will probably have its mobile platform done by the end of the week. The little robot will come a bit later but not later than the end of the month! It seems that we’ll have both robots mobile and ready for some action before the New Year so we’ll have a lot of time to focus on the algorithms and game strategy. Be sure to stop by and see the robots make their first steps towards the competition victory this year (we hope 🙂 )!

WJ verzija prva IMG_20151223_101659 IMG_20151223_124039

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