High-five – says the robot

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you with technical stuff. Our robots our moving – you know that. But what can they do? Everything’s still in progress but what’s important is that things are progressing and that we are moving forward.

As our team’s experience grows each day, so do our robots. Last year, our robots had hands that could move and capture objects. This year, our robots have arms! As you may see on the video below, a prototype for an arm is fully functional and almost ready to be integrated into one of our robots! The arm with a hand will be able to capture game elements and move them around to the places robots want them to be.

Even though our robots can now move chess pieces around, we’re still glad that they’re not better chess players than we are, but who knows what will happen during the next month. Stay tuned as soon we’ll have lots more to share 🙂

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