Season 2016 – here we come!


The rules for season 2016 are finally out and we are more than excited to get our hands dirty! As you can read on the official website the theme this year is called “The Beach Bots”. Our robots will be fishing, making sand castles, raising flags and collecting sea shells!

Even though we’re not making completely new robots but have quite a lot we can start from there’s still a lot of work to be done. We’ve expanded our team with a few new members and it’s likely that a few more will join us. Improved architecture design and thorough planning are at the top of our task list but even so, our mechanical engineers are too fired up to withhold themselves from drawing! They are already working on suspension improvements so we can get to a new, improved and fully functional mobile platform as soon as possible. While we’re solving organizational things like funding, work-space and team organization we are all very excited to dive into the engineering work and work towards getting our robots to a top shape!

We hope that you’re excited about the new season as much as we are. Stay tuned as we have lots of interesting things up our sleeves that we can’t wait to start working on and share with you! 🙂


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