Two weekends, two towns, new friends…

Last Saturday we APE.Robotics participated in the Science Fair in Kruševac. We brought the robots with us and decided to show them to high-school students as well as some smaller folks 🙂 As you’ll see bellow, it looks like in about fifteen years, we’ll have lots of folks doing robotics 🙂


And yesterday, that is, a week after the Science Fair in Kruševac, we visited Ćurpija. Not many know, but over there, there’s a group of folks gathered around a project called Biblioteka++. We shared with them what we did this year with the competition, how we organized and tried to motivate them a bit. They themselves are programming Lego Mindstorm robots and are making very exciting things. Be sure to check out their website as you’ll find over there very interesting things regarding both robots and programming in general!

IMG_20150530_114601 IMG_20150530_122351 IMG_20150530_122655

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