APE.Robotics HQ

As we always like to point out, in order to be productive you need a good place for working. In our need for headquarters for this season DevanaLabs was kind enough to help us and give us access to their offices!

It all started, again, with the MeetTheRobots event where the guys from DevanaLabs unfortunately couldn’t make it but were interested to meet us in person. So we met a few days after, talked about the problems both of our groups have, common goals and similar things so we told them about not having a place to work at at the moment and they offered to help us! Thanks to them we have now started working and will soon have bases for both of our robots for this season.

DevanaLabs is located at the very center of the city. They themselves are working mostly with high-school students and are involved in some quite interesting projects one of which is their own home automation system! The premises contain a lab equipped with the cool equipment such as a 3D printer, oscilloscope and much more. There’s also a conf. room which helps us a lot with focusing our meetings.

We’ll be staying here most likely until the middle of February when we should have both of the robots running, mobile and ready for some action!

Thanks DevanaLabs, we’re glad to have friends like you 🙂

devana1 WP_20151207_18_06_27_Pro

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