Thanks 012LAB!

Just like people, robots have brains too. What differs our brains from theirs is that ours are composed of networks of neurons while robots’ are usually made of networks of transistors. Some robots have BeagleBone Black development platform acting as their brain, and now, thanks to 012LAB, our robots also have it!

012LAB was kind enough to donate us a BeagleBone Black development platform. It’s a board featuring Cortex-A8 microprocessor and can be useful for all sorts of things. We use it as a high-level controller utilizing AI and Game Theory algorithms to instruct other, low-level controllers to turn motors and similar stuff.

012LAB is a team of experts and electronics geeks who strive to popularize this interesting science. They are a part of 011LAB company which designs and develops innovative electronics products and high-tech systems. They’re also a certified SparkFun Electronics distributor so be sure to check them out for some interesting DIY and open-source hardware products!

Once again, thanks 012LAB!


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