Competition outcome

It’s been a while since we wrote you anything, sorry for that. All of us postponed much stuff for after the competition so at some point we didn’t have time for anything 🙂

For those of you who came to the competition you saw what happened, for the rest of you, here’s the outcome.
During the first and the fifth round, our big robot worked very good. The little guy unfortunately tipped over and fell in front of the stairs both times. But even so, they beat the other team both times 🙂
However, during the second through fourth round, something odd happened. At the beginning of the round, the big robot wouldn’t start at all. 😦 We tested everything in-between the rounds and everything worked perfectly for tens of times. We’re still not sure what happened, but we’ll definitely work to find out. All in all, because the robots earn points and not victories, and we got almost zero points during the three rounds, we wound up 7th place out of 13.

We’re not happy with the place on the board but once we find out what happened, we’ll be sure that we now have a robust and controllable wheel platform along with a good software, so next year we’ll have more time for mechanism development and testing 🙂

Once again, thanks everyone for their large support!


Meet our newest teammate!

No one should ever be alone, especially not robots – they don’t take it very well. That is why we decided to make another one so the two of them can hang out! We are very happy to present you with our newest teammate. He’s still shy as he’s only a few days old but even so, we managed to catch him on film. Be sure to stop by and check up on his progress as we have a very strong feeling he’ll grow into a mature robot in no time! 😉