Milestone 1 almost done!

One step at a time we are getting closer and closer to our first milestone!

Help is coming from all around, people are being extremely kind and generous. With their help, encoder mounts are¬†completed and our robot is almost ready for it’s first steps ūüôā

Lagerton provided us with some high quality bearings while 3D-caddit was kind enough to donate us with the material for MakerBot printer. Politehnika¬†(a school where two of our teammates currently go to and where another one used to go) allowed us to use their machines for mechanical production as well as the necessary material. All of them were very quick to respond and pleasant to communicate with, so on this occasion we’d like to thank them¬†a lot for everything!

It’s a bit hard to share our progress with the software, so we’ll just share the photos of the encoder mounts we made, and hopefully in several days you’ll be able to check back for a video of our first run.

We hope you like it!


encoder1 encoder2

header3 header1 header2

Thanks RLS!

RLS has been very kind to provide us with a set of rotary magnetic encoders. These encoders are something new and exciting, and are probably not something you’re used to. They work by utilizing Hall effect¬†to sense angular position of a permanent magnet placed above the IC. (

Rotary encoders are going to be used for odometry (the use of the data from motion sensors for estimating the current position) which will enable the robot to know where it is on the playing field at any given moment. With that information, it can autonomously navigate itself to complete a certain task.

Be sure to check for an update, for when we integrate the sensors into our robot platform!

Once again, thanks RLS!