We visited the euRobotics week

This Sunday we visited European Robotics Week event here in Belgrade, hosted by our friends from Mala Škola Elektronike who are also Eurobot Junior participants!  European Robotics Week is a group of events hosted all over the Europe. It aims to highlight growing importance of robotics and the interest the folks from all around. During the five years of it’s existance it attracted over 200,000 people. Here in Belgrade, the event was held at the “Majdan” Culture Center.

Along with the folks from Mala Škola Elektronike and us, the event was also attended by ETF Jinx team and the folks from FTN, Novi Sad with their “Marko” robot. “Marko” is a robot who will hopefully be used to help the children with development difficulties!

The event lasted for around two hours, kids were amused with seeing all the robots, some of them even helped our robot start by pulling the starting cord! We hope we interested them a bit with the robotics and motivated them to research on their own. Thanks everyone for being there and we invite everyone who is doing any robotics to participate in similar activities and events!

This will unfortunately be our last presentation this year as we have to start working on the new generation of robots. Once they’re functional, we’ll take them out for a ride so you can meet them face to face 🙂

Keep following our blog to see the new robots grow from the ground up as we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Stay tuned…

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